The Inspiration for Obsidian

What is Obsidian?

a dark natural glass formed by the cooling of molten lava

Being natural glass, Obsidian exudes a striking, reflective appearance while some of the other Obsidian properties, like being hard and brittle with very sharp edges, made it useful in the past in cutting and piercing tools, and it has been used experimentally as surgical scalpel blades.

Where is Obsidian?

Obsidian can be found in locations which have experienced rhyolitic eruptions, like the 25 mile volcanic chain of craters, domes and lava flows that includes Mammoth Mountain, which makes Mammoth Lakes, California the closest community to the chain.

Why Obsidian our inspiration?

Our residences are rooted in the Mammoth Lakes community and our architecture, programs and amenities were designed to reflect the organic surroundings by forming a destination that naturally encourages authentic, natural experiences and true connections.

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